Salhaus Guarantee

              All of our dogs are AKC registered. We offer pet quality pups with limited AKC 
registration which means they are not showable or breedable. We do not require your to spay or neuter your pup. We allow you as the new owner to make that determination for the health of your pup, however we do recommend it since we do not sell breedable dogs. We do not require you to 
forfeit your pup in the event that it must be replaced due to an inherited defect. 

Health Guarantee: Our guarantees are only implied between the the breeder (Salhaus) & the original buyer, not to a 3rd party. Our pups are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. They will have received at least their first set of booster shots in our care. A fecal will have been performed deeming it clear of puppy hood diseases & worms. Future vet visits by the buyer should include further worming and the balance of booster shots that are needed and any other needed medical treatment to keep the pup in optimum health. Neglect in worming, inoculations or nutrition will nullify any & all guarantees. If a life altering/threatening birth defect is found other than cosmetic (i.e. non erect ears, missing tooth, umbilical hernia, tail kink, etc.), within the first year of the pup's birth, I will replace the pup with one of equal value of same sex from next available litter, or within 2 years of diagnosis. If pup is bred (male or female), guarantee is void. Do not take the pup into parks, pet stores, or other public places where other dogs frequent until at least 4 months of age. Keep risk of exposure to parvo, corona, distemper, kennel cough, etc (all communicable diseases) to a minimum. I do not guarantee against communicable diseases.  

To have the pup replaced the buyer must do the following: Pup must be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian. His diagnosis must be signed with his license and telephone number and sent to the breeder. At the breeder's request, a second opinion may be required from a non-affiliated vet at the expense of the buyer. Or, pup must be returned to breeder for a 2nd exam with breeder's vet. If pup is found to have a life threatening, hereditary defect, the breeder will then proceed with a replacement pup. No money will be refunded. All expenses for the above mentioned procedures are the sole responsibility of the buyer. If buyer wishes to return the pup, then any & all shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer. 

Hip Guarantee: This pup is guaranteed to be free of moderate or severe (crippling) hip dysplasia up to the age of 12 months. If hip dysplasia is suspected, pup must be Penn Hip certified. We no longer accept a veterinary hip x-ray or diagnosis, nor an OFA diagnosis. If pup is used for breeding, the guarantee is void. If this pup is found to have crippling, hereditary hip dysplasia prior to 12 months, I will replace the pup with one of equal value of same sex from next available litter, or within 2 years of diagnosis. This guarantee does not cover dysplasia due to injury or improper nutrition or environmental conditions. If pup has not been Penn Hip diagnosed by the time pup reaches 12 months, all guarantees are void. Guarantee does not cover Panosteitis (growing pains). Pup will outgrow Panosteitis (pano), they just require extra care during this time. See our puppy care tips on how to manage this.

In order to have the pup replaced, the buyer must do the following: 

Pup must be diagnosed by Penn Hip. Have the pup x-rayed by a Penn Hip certified veterinarian. The series of x-rays must be sent to the University of Pennsylvania for diagnosis. Pups who fall within the median grade for German Shepherds have acceptable hips. A copy of the grade must be mailed to the breeder along with pup's AKC papers, along with an explanation of the buyers intents regarding the pup. Communication must be kept open between buyer & breeder. If the buyer does not wish to keep the pup, he must be returned to the breeder at the buyer's expense. If the buyer wishes to keep the pup, he must have it spayed or neutered and provide a letter of verification from his licensed veterinarian to the breeder. All expenses for the above mentioned procedures are the sole responsibility of the buyer. After all the above procedures have been completed, the breeder will then proceed with pup replacement. No money will be refunded. Any and all additional shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer. The pup becomes the responsibility of the buyer at the time of sale. 

Supplemental explanation of the Penn Hip rating system:
Penn Hip has recently made some changes to their reporting methods. Previously, they provided both a measurement of the dog’s distraction index (DI) and a percentile rating. The distraction index is a concrete measurement of the tightness of the dog’s hips. The measurement typically remains consistent as the dog grows, so it provides reliable information for dogs as young as 4 months old. The lower the DI number, the tighter the hip joint. Tighter hips lower the risk of hip dysplasia. 90% of all German Shepherds tested, range from .24 to .68 with the median or middle of .42. Any numerical rating within the gray shaded area (.24 to .68) for German Shepherds denotes healthy hips.

The percentile rating that was provided in previous reports, compared each dog’s DI to other dogs of the same breed, and rated their hips as better than a specific percentage of all dogs tested (higher percentile rating is better). The percentile rating has been discontinued. Midas, Cora, Stone, River, & Nessa were tested before the percentile rating was discontinued, so both the DI & percentile ratings are provided. Beginning with Kona, only the DI measurement is provided.

All Salhaus & Stone River dogs fall into the solid median range (or lower-better) for healthy hipped dogs.

Current Salhaus & Stone River dogs' Penn Hip Ratings:
Bailey Distraction Rating: .28/.30
Bravo Distraction Rating: .26/.26
Gray Distraction Rating: .25/.28
Kona Distraction Rating: .44/.51
Opal Distraction Rating: .20/.15
Quinn Distraction Rating: .20/.12
Riley Distraction Rating: .25/.33
Sheba Distraction Rating: .26/.26
Stone Distraction Rating: .21/.23
Timber Distraction Rating: .18/.19

Retired Dogs' Penn Hip ratings:
Midas Distraction Rating: .26/.29, 90th percentile
Cora Distraction Rating: .39/.24, 70th percentile
River Distraction Rating: .26/.27 100th percentile
Nessa Distraction Rating: .23/.23, 100th percentile

       Click here to see a good explanation of Penn Hip vs OFA hip rating methods

                                                      BRIEF PUPPY FACTS

1.First shot will be given by litter owner and then to be given every 3 weeks by pup's new owner thereafter until pup reaches 16 weeks of age (or 4 months.) At 4 months, rabies to be given also. Keep pup out of the public until all shots have been given!!

2.Pup wormed with Nemex (pyrantel pamoate) within his/her first 6 weeks for roundworm &/or with safeguard broad spectrum wormer, also with Baycox to prevent coccidia, with a clear stool analysis.

3.Pup has been fed all natural Nutro Max Lamb & Rice kibble. It has a protein content of 25% and a fat content of 15%. It also has a glucosamine supplement for the aid in development of correct bone/joint formation. Continue pup on that formula, or on one comparable to it.

4.Make sure to register your pup with the appropriate kennel club before its first birthday. 


                                                What your puppy comes with:

1st set of shots & worming (health record provided)
Your pup is microchipped here at Salhaus & will come with microchip registration
AKC Registration Papers
Samples of the food we feed
Puppy care tips & house training instructions 
A stuffed toy with the mother's scent on it to make transitioning into 
his new home with less stress

Your puppy will come to you with hundreds of hours of socializing spent with 
him/her & lots & lots of love, due to being born in the house with us, not 
out in a barn or kennel somewhere. 

We keep the pup inside with us until 4 weeks of age where he grows accustomed to house hold noises & then out to our puppy enclosure where he becomes familiar with outside activity noises. . .completely socialized & confident, ready for his new life!

Your puppy will be exposed to cats & other pets, as well as children.

Your puppy will be easily house trained as we provide the pup with ample room to eat, sleep, play & to potty AWAY from it's living space.

We give the BEST a pup can get in his extremely formative 1st few weeks of life. 

It gives you, the new puppy owner, a huge head start with your new lifelong companion!

Your pup also comes from the healthiest parents possible with a hip/health guarantee.

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