This is "Sir Draco Von Canaan," aka "Dragon." He is 3rd generation down from our original family companion and stud dog, Canaan. Although his size is over the standard, his structural integrity has not been compromised.  He moves like a deer and his hips have been OFA'd at "good." He has an incredible head and an awesome physique. When he stands on his hinds, he towers above me at 6 feet, being 30" at the shoulder & 117 lbs!  He's great with people, but he is very loyal to us and he is quite protective as the nature of this breed should be. Even though he has a "monstrous" name, he is quite gentle even with his pups.  He has been known to sire pups of various colors and markings, including solid black.  We owned his grandfather, Canaan, years ago, who was 120 pounds and 28" at the shoulder. With his passing we were able to acquire a grandson, Dragon to carry on the magnificent size and awesome temperament of this line of GSD's. Needless to say, we know this line inside and out, can vouch for health, temperament and size, as we have had several generations as our faithful family dogs. Dragon has been retired from our breeding program, but his genes live on in all our girls since they are related to him. 
Salhaus Sires

This is "Salhaus Diamond in the Rough", aka "Monty." Monty is easy going & loves to please. He's one of the happiest & most gentle GSD's I've ever known. At 7.5 months he weighed a whopping 92 lbs. At one year of age, he's a super heavy dog at 105.2 lbs & he's not done growing/gaining yet, standing 29" at the shoulder. At 2 years old, he weighed 115 lbs & OFA'd at "good." (2 year old pictures above.) At 4 he was a WHOPPING 127-130 LBS!!! With having several of our females related to Dragon, we had to bring in "new blood." We are thrilled with Monty's outcome. He's more than we could have ever asked for. With his mother being an exceptionally large, traditional blk/tan from Sugarpine K9 GSD's & his father being a solid black from the Kridler lines, he has given us sables, blacks, blk & tans/reds/silvers, with wonderful size & temperament in his offspring. We will continue his line, size & temperament with his blk/silver daughter "Bella."
"King Canaan of Hollywood," aka "Canaan." 120 pounds, 28" at the shoulder, Canaan was our foundation stud dog, now retired. 
About Us
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 About Our Pups
Monty loves kids, shown here with my 4 year old niece. She says Monty's so big that "she can ride him!"
 He is good with critters smaller than himself, shown here with Echo, the family cat.
Monty with my 8 year old niece. I think he's big enough for HER to ride!
"Gentle By Nature"
A younger Khallie & Dragon playing together in the backyard.


This is "Ardtalamcu Chaos in Salhaus", aka "Chaos." Chaos comes to us all the way across the Atlantic, from Scotland's Ardtalamcu Kennels, where his breeder Lynette Melville, a recognized "accredited breeder" of the KC Kennel club in the UK, has the same breeding goals that we do here at Salhaus. She has been producing large, healthy, even-tempered family dogs for the past 5 years. With her track record over the last few years of producing exceptional temperament & good hips, we were thrilled to get this wonderful boy from Ardtalamcu's incredible breeding program. This is the newest edition to the line up of Salhaus stud dogs. Chaos is best described as a super happy dog. . . that's it. . .he's just happy all the time. He absolutely loves people & would rather get a good "petting all over" than eat, if he had the choice. His favorite past time is retrieving a ball or a stick or whatever else you're willing to throw his way. . .just show him the attention. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was part Labrador with they way he loves the water as well! At 8 months he weighed a pleasing 85 lbs. Now approaching one year of age, he stands 27.5" at the shoulder & is still filling out. His father is 29" at the shoulder & weighs well over 100 lbs. With Chaos having such a big sire, we are hoping he reaches his daddy's size. With size in his bloodlines, we expect him to produce large babies when crossed to our oversized girls. He is OFA prelimed at "excellent," which is the highest hip rating here in the US. Chaos is a joy to have around & we are thrilled to have his classic looks, happy-go-lucky temperament, & excellent hip rating to introduce into our breeding program.
Chaos with my husband, Mark. He'll do anything to get his favorite toy, a tennis ball.
Chaos, always with a 
smile on his face.
Notice Chaos' straight 
back & nice stance. 
Here he is again with that ever- happy look upon his handsome face!

This is "Royalair's Silver Diesel of Salhaus", aka "Diesel." 
Diesel comes to us from the long established & well-known Royalair Kennels. One of our goals here is to continue the old fashion type of German Shepherd, including the old fashioned, harder to find, black & silver color. Thus far he has given us blk/silver pups as we expected, solid whites, traditional blk/tan, long coats as well as short coats. Diesel will be a great addition to our dog family as he has already produced thick bone structure in his offspring. Temperament has not been sacrificed in lieu of his color . . .He is easy-going & loves to please. Among the neighborhood kids, Diesel is their favorite Salhaus dog. He always looks forward to their visits & will take all the attention & petting from them that he can. When taking him out in public, he is very curious about the other dogs & people around him.  He's very gentle on lead, but is cautious about those he meets. He is happy to have us as his pack, & doesn't have need to befriend everyone he meets. He's the perfect companion dog for us! His pups also have been for their new families!  Diesel is keeping with the Salhaus oversized tradition of being 82 lbs at his last weighing at 7 months of age. At 1 year his weight was 90 lbs!! He's not done growing/ gaining yet, standing 27" at the shoulder. At 2 years of age, he weighed in at 101 lbs! At 4-1/2, he's a whopping 110 lbs! Just in for his yearly exam at 6 years, he's now matured to 118 lbs! He has an OFA hip rating of fair. And he has recently been tested negative for degenerative myelopathy, which means he can't pass it on to his offspring! 

Diesel's 1st day at the beach & he loved every minute of it!
Straight back, gorgeous color, happy attitude
Enjoying the shade of the back yard foliage on a sunny day

Photo Gallery2
Let me introduce you to King Midas, aka "Salhaus Touch of Gold." This "golden" boy is a son of our very own Diesel! We couldn't be more thrilled with him! He's still young, but is already sooooo big & so wonderful! He's super heavy boned & straight backed. He's a really happy dog & just a pup at heart! His passion is retrieving squeaky toys! He's really good with his toys, too! He's not destructive where he tears them up. Instead, he walks around the yard squeaking them in his mouth & then he piles them up next to him & he treasures them as he lays in the yard. So sweet! But even with all that squeaky toy playfulness, he's an incredible watch dog! Nothing escapes his notice. He's all business when it comes to letting folks know that he is there! He'll be following in his father's footsteps as our next stud dog. He will be able to replicate himself & produce blk/tan pups, blk/silvers (like his father Diesel), short coats as well as longer coats. Although just 8 months of age, at the vet for his Penn Hip examination, he was a whopping 93 lbs! Now at 4 years of age, he's a mature 115 lbs ! Watch this boy as he continues to grow & mature. Penn Hip evaluated at 26/29, which means his hips are tight in the socket! He is rated in the 90th percentile which means his hips are better than 90% of all German Shepherds evaluted! He has recently been tested negative for degenerative myelopathy, which means he can't pass it on to his offspring! 
Our reigning "King Midas"

His head & neck are so thick! Just like a LION!
He loves his toys! Even has to sleep with them!
See video here of Midas playing  with a new squeaky!
  Newsflash! Our dogs have been tested against DM. Our boys are DM clear, which means they CAN'T pass DM on to any of their pups!

Big, Square & Buff!
With a perfect personality!
It doesn't get much
better than Midas!
He's a happy, toy driven boy!
His kids inherit his love of toys!
His babies make super fun companions!
This one needs a round of applause!

Introducing, "Bravo,". . .

            . . .aka, 

         "Royalair Standing Ovation of Salhaus!"

Let me introduce you to Bravo, aka "Royalair Standing Ovation of Salhaus." This is our 2nd black & silver boy from Royalair Kennels! We couldn't be more thrilled with him! He's still young, but is already sooooo big & so wonderful! He's super heavy boned & straight backed. He's a really happy dog & just a pup at heart! He's content to be loved on & hugged like a big teddy bear, or play fetch with his ball. He & Diesel are distantly related, sharing Royalair's Silvermark in common in their pedigree. He'll be following in Diesel's footsteps as our next silver stud dog. He will be able to replicate himself & produce blk/silvers 
(like his predecessor Diesel), as well as black & tans, and possibly whites. At 7 months of age, 
at the vet for his Penn Hip examination, he was a whopping 85 lbs! Now at over a year, 
he's well over 100 lbs, and 30" tall! Watch this boy as he continues to grow & mature. Penn Hip evaluated 
at 26/26, which means his hips are tight in the socket! He comes from 2 negative tested parents for DM, 
(degenerative myelopathy) which means he cannot pass it on to his offspring!
Past Men of Salhaus,
now Retired

Even though he's a BIG
boy, he has a love for playing ball & can be quite agile!