About Salhaus Puppies

Here at Salhaus, our puppies are handled from the moment they are born. Nothing is left to chance. I supervise the breeding of each parent dog & I am present for the birth of each & every baby that we produce. We help the mothers in tearing open the sacks & severing the umbilical cords. If someone is taking too long to present himself, we reach up inside & help him "down the chute" as well. Our girls as well as each baby that we have here, are far too precious to leave the birthing to chance. 

Our pups are born here in the house with us either in our laundry room which is attached right to our family room, or actually IN our family room! (see pictures below) . . .it just depends on where the new mother is more comfortable. . .our pups are guaranteed NOT to be born out in a kennel or in some other obscure area. My family knows that for the first several weeks after a litter is born my main priority, night and day is watching over the new mom & her pups. . . making sure that no one gets left out of a feeding or rolls away & gets cold. It's pretty much a 24 hour duty for the first several weeks after birth. But I am bedded down on the couch next to the new litter for the first few weeks, sleeping with "one eye & ear open," listening for a restless mom or a crying pup! 

My daughter holds the title of "Official Puppy Socializer" here at Salhaus. (Although they are irresistible & I can't keep my hands off of them as well!) She spends hours & hours with our babies. Often times I will do a "head count" to make sure that all are present. I just about have a heart attack when one or two are missing. . .only to find out that they are under the covers on the sofa with her while she watches TV. Often times they snuggle into her lap for hours as she works on the computer as well. (Although my daughter is grown with a home of her own, she is still here almost every day when we have pups!) 
These pups are well rounded socially by the time they are ready for new homes.

As the pups grow, they are introduced to a bigger area at about 3-4 weeks of age. (See pictures below) 

#1: We had a room built right off the back deck especially for raising pups in. It measures 17 x 20. It has a cement floor that we have covered with plywood (to keep the pups off the cold cement) & then with tarp (to protect the plywood from puppy accidents) & then ultimately with newspapers, shredded paper &/or shavings. We have a dog house in it for the pups to snuggle in, with lots of fluffy blankets! We have a heat lamp for chilly weather & plenty of room for them to romp & play in!

#2: Our 2nd puppy enclosure is in our huge shop, just next to the house. We have a 20' x 15' area inside the shop as shelter for the pups with the same, cement, plywood, tarp & then newspaper, shredded paper, and/or shavings as the puppy room behind the house. This area however, has a secure "puppy yard" that that accesses this area. When the weather is nice, we have the pups in this enclosure. Through out the winter however, the pups are raised totally in the puppy room in back.

Both areas are huge, enough for them to romp & play. Our setup is perfect for potty training as well. Pups do not like to "go" near their sleeping area. We make sure that there is plenty of room for play/sleep AND for them to do their "business." While our pups are not house-trained by the time they leave us, this does in turn, help out the pups' potential new owners to easily housetrain them.

You'll see that our puppies get lots of love & attention, even from one of the the family cats, Echo. He is an Exotic Shorthair that we acquired from Calivan Cattery. He's such a special kitty in that he absolutely loves these big dogs! The adult dogs are gentle with him, as he tries to play with them, but the size difference is a bit much. He's so thrilled when we have new babies since they're more his size. We have to watch him like a hawk when there's a new litter, as he "sneaks" into the new puppy room with the moms & babies! Often times Echo will join me in the birthing area, waiting for the arrival of our new babies. Needless to say, our puppies are "cat socialized" by the time they leave here as well.

Chewie is another one of our Exotic Shorthaired Kitties. He's always with us, his human family. And when we have pups, WE are with the pups, so that's where you'll find Chewie as well! He's a huge Red & White flat face kitty, so gentle! So good for the pups!

Our pups are well socialized & weaned by the time they're ready for their new homes. We typically release our pups between 7-8 weeks of age. By that time, they've had their first set of shots & have been on a worming program starting at 2 weeks of age & continuing until they reach their new homes. They will have been wormed & tested for the presence of worms & puppy hood bacterial diseases & deemed clear & healthy, ready for new homes. Since 2007, we have also started microchipping each of our pups as well, before they leave us!
My daughter as a teenager,
constantly at the computer with a 4 week old white GSD pup.
In the car on the way to the airport to deliver this solid black Dragon pup to a waiting family in Michigan. This is Tucker. Look for him as an adult on our Gallery Page.
Echo with a 5 week old blk/tan Juju male pup, playing in the house. Don't worry, the pup wasn't hurt. Echo has no front claws.
Stunning 6 week old Salhaus female pups. Look at those thick heads & at that bone!
My baby girl holding an 8 week old coated female pup. Her arms could barely contain that huge pup!
Echo with one of the girls during a delivery. This gives you an idea of the incredible temperament of our girls to allow the family cat in the same room with her during delivery!
2 sleeping beauties-My daughter & a 3 week old blk/tan Dragon pup
Lots of sleeping & snuggling going on at Salhaus with the pups! Echo (our kitty)
 & 1 week old blk/tan Dragon pup.
6 week old blk/tan pups, 
female (left), male (right)
6 week old pups, blk/rd male (left), blk/tan female (right)
         3 month old solid black male
Take a look at a typical 7 week old Salhaus pup (on the right) in comparison to an older 8 week old standard sized German Shepherd pup (on the left). . .no comparison!
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Salhaus Past Puppies
Below are some pictures of what your future Salhaus pup may look like:
Even our pet rats get in on the "socializing action." Puppy shown at 3 weeks.
My sweet Zora with a 3 week old pup
Chewie getting to know one of Diesel's snow white pups!!
 This is a normal thing at Salhaus. . . puppies      getting mauled with lots of hugs & kisses!
      I just can't keep my hands off them!
My daughter now grown & nothing has changed. She is still my puppy socializer. They love her! 100's of hours spent with the pups!
1 week old pups popular with 
the kids! The early handling is so 
good for puppy-socilizing!
It's not unusual to see 
white pups now in each litter we produce!
This is our family room which includes our new mother dogs & litters. My make shift bed on the couch from birth to 3-4 weeks afterwards. I have to be at an arm's length 24/7 to make sure that each pup gets to eat & doesn't crawl behind mama.
Twin white pups from one of our recent litters! They are so cute!
Below is a collage of photos showing how our pups are socialized by lots of friends & family, 
and other family critters, from birth on! The pups get toe nails clipped (shown) & cat exposure (shown).
3 week old Nail Trimming! 
(left & above)
Friends holding 1 week old pups!
Never too early to start socializing!
Our neighbor Dave  playing w/ 5 week old pups!
My 1-1/2 year old grand daughter spending time with newborn pups. so good for the pups, so good for my grand baby!
2 day old pup & our cat Chewie
More cat exposure for the pups
Friends & 1 w/o pups! Early socializing!
Our Puppy Room! 
Below are pictures of where our pups are raised, after they outgrow the birthing area. 
This is our 17 x 20 special puppy room. Lots of room to run/play! Lots of absorbent paper, big fluffy blankets,  a dog house & heat lamp! A window at one end, the door at the other. Great cross ventilation & lighting! Lots of room for the pups to play & grow. Lots of room to learn to potty at one end & eat/play/sleep in the other! 
Left-Pony in the middle of the puppy room.
Right-Pony finding solitude at the far end of the puppy room, while the pups sleep under the heat lamp.
Left-Our friend Chris at the entry way to the puppy room. 
Lizzy, one of our other girls on the other side.
 Right-Mama dog nursing pups on   the blankets near the doghouse.
Below are pictures of our birthing area in the family room. 
Pictured below is a mama dog before delivery & then after. But this is where all of our girls deliver, 
with my make-shift bed on the couch & my pile of birthing rags at arm's length!
These pictures are typical of our cat Chewie with each litter of newborn pups. When Mom 
leaves for a potty break, Chewie has to investigate! So good for the pups to learn the scent of cats, early!
Chewie nestled in between 
sleeping pups.
Pups smell Chewie & have crawled over, a little too close for Chewie's comfort!
"Maybe if I tiptoe 
away, they won't know I'm gone!"
Now 2 years old, my grand daughter picking out which pups she wants to pet. Such good socializing for my grand daughter such good socializing for the pups!
Paisley loves
the pups!

The pups
love Paisley!