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We are located in Myrtle Point, Oregon. Pups will be delivered free of charge into 
pre-designated areas of No. California & Oregon.
You can contact myself, Shelley Libby here: shelsheps@aol.com or 916-715-6833
Or you can contact Jacque here: tullesjacque452@gmail.com
Puppy pricing:
$1800,  with a full genetic health guarantee.
Shepherd babies are born with a severe lack of their under color, whether tan, silver or red. But as they grow, that color comes in. They will have markings much like their parents when they are grown. The white pups have pink skin at birth, but each week, it grows more & more black, so that they end up looking like little polar bears with button eyes & noses! Adorable!
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Keep an eye on the website for weekly puppy updates.
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 Shelsheps@aol.com 916-715-6833
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Follow us on Instagram at 
old_fashioned_german_shepherds to see extended video & more!
Follow us on Instagram at 
old_fashioned_german_shepherds to see extended video & more!
      Our puppies are intended for pet homes only. Not intended for breeding or show purposes.
Bash & Gray's pups have arrived!!
  Born February 23, 2023 
Ready for new homes on/after April 13, 2023.
4 huge female pups! All fat & healthy! 
These pups are variations of black & tan, 
shorter coated.
Any questions: Shelsheps@aol.com or 916-715-6833
(Email is preferred)
We have boys too! 
Click here to see our newest litter of 6 males!
100 lbs 27-28" tall
 Penn Hip Certified
DM Negative
Penn Hip Certified 
28" tall, 94 lbs
DM Negative

We have new pups by our sweet boy Bastian to our loyal girl, Gray! Both have fabulous personalities! Bash is a happy, playful guy. He's also very discerning. When a stranger approaches, he makes his presence known! His puppies will inherit his wonderful personality! 
Gray has a wonderfully confident nature & is always looking to please! 
She is a daughter of our incredible pair, Midas & Cora! 
Both are really even tempered family dogs & are wonderful watch dogs & guardians as well. 
Crossing Bash to our Salhaus girls proves to be the best of both bloodlines! Bash comes from a long line of well bred, family dogs with wonderful temperament & good health. Gray has been bred to Bravo in the past, with incredible pups resulting. We know that breeding these 2 will result in wonderful pups, just like we've had for generations back!  
These pups will be short coated, variations of black & tan. They will be gorgeous, classic!
Shelsheps@aol.com or 916-715-6833 Contacting me via email is best!
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3 Weeks Old
     Green Girl
        Pink Girl
      Purple Girl
      White Girl
Paisley consoling Gray during labor.
These are truly family dogs with
incredible temperaments. They love
their humans, including little kids.
Gray looking gorgeous after a long night of labor. Four gorgeous, healthy, BIG pups resulting. Gray is such a doting mom! These pups will have plenty of love & attention from Gray & from their hoomans!
     Green Girl
        Pink Girl
      Purple Girl
      White Girl
Face shots of the pups & side views so you can see their check color more prominently. All of these pups will have classic black & tan markings. Their tan takes awhile to come in, but it's there!
    Purple & Pink
   Green & White

My grand daughter Paisley holding & loving the pups. So good for the pups, so good for Paisley.

Also Paisley's mama Khallie, loves to hold the pups too. Look at how relaxed they are in her arms.
1 Week Old
     Green Girl
      White Girl
     Purple Girl
      Pink Girl

The 1st thing Paisley wants to do is to see the puppies! She has to get right in
with them & hold & love each one of them. So fun for her, such good early socializing for the pups!

One pup "doesn't belong!" 3 nursing
upright, one upside down! So cute!
             Everyone is fed & content!
                  Snuggle Buddies!
2 Weeks Old
     Green Girl
      White Girl
     Purple Girl
      Pink Girl

Left: Green Girl (back) & Purple Girl (front) sitting up like big dogs! What a difference from 
2 weeks to 3 weeks!

Below, time to meet the family cats. The cats are never happy about puppy time! LOL! 

Right: I've been doing this for 35 years & never tire of getting to love & hold these precious pups!