Salhaus Photo Gallery 

Take a look at some of the dogs that have come from Salhaus throughout the years. The new owners of these dogs were kind enough to keep in touch with me and send pictures back of their pups as they grew into the gorgeous adults we expected them to be. Recently we have included the comments of our clients regarding their new Salhaus "additions." As we've mentioned before, our pups receive their first boosters, & are cleared of all worms and puppy hood diseases prior to going into new homes. The utmost care & socialization is given to our pups right from the start by us, and then is continued by their responsible new owners. The results speak for themselves. Our pups are mainly sold on referral, as pleased new owners pass on by word of mouth, the virtues of their outstanding Salhaus German Shepherds to friends and family.

Blaze, a huge blk/red male pup from Salhaus, now owned by Tamra of Sacramento. Shown here being oh so gentle with her baby, Brian.
This is Bella. She was absolutely huge here, shown at 5 months of age! She lives with her new owner in the local foothills of Northern California. Yes, she really is a FEMALE. Take a look at how thick her bone is.
Remember Tucker, our solid black Dragon son from the "About Our Pups" page? At 8 weeks on the left, he was on his way to the airport in route to his new home in Michigan. Here he is pictured in the center as a stunning young adult with his Doxie friend~Buddy, and then as a mature adult to the right.
This is Max, a 5-1/2 month old blk/tan Dragon son living in Sacramento, CA. What a gorgeous boy! He is pictured with a young pup on the left (not from Salhaus.) Again the thickness of the bone of Salhaus dogs as well as the temperament we produce here is outstanding!
Remember this precious picture on the left from our "About Our Pups" page? This pup is Riese shown at 8 weeks with my daughter. She is shown as a young adult at 96 lbs on the right. Truly breath taking! This is to illustrate how much GSD pups gain color as they mature. Notice how dark Riese was as a pup and then what her final outcome as far as coloring turned out to be.
This is Gage, a blk/tan Salhaus pup shown at 14 weeks. This is a quote from his new owner, Thomas of North Carolina: "He's a great puppy.  He's so sweet.  Training has been very easy, He's very smart, we've really enjoyed him.  He's growing fast too."

Take a look at the rich red pigment in stunning blk/red "Rhema." Her new owner Tamra in California says this: "Rhema is everything we hoped for in a new pup. She fits into our family perfectly. She's so smart & is such a joy to have around. I took Rhema to a trainer here in town. She has quite a long list of credentials, judging & so forth. She was absolutely flabbergasted at Rhema's body composition. She was just gushing over her. She says Rhema has to come from Show Lines! Thought I would pass that along to you. I think I would like a male from you in a year or two."

This is Cookie, another full sister to Gage & Rhema, above. Cookie lives in Iowa with Julie. Listen to what Julie says of her latest addition from Salhaus: "I am very pleased with Cookie and she is so much fun to play with. She is almost human. Very calm and loveable and she fits in this family perfectly. We truly do love her. Thanks again. Julie"

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This is Rusty. He's a blk/red short coat. Listen to what his satisfied owner, Penny of Wisconsin has to say about him: "Rusty is very out going, excellent temperamented, and a joy to have around. I just love him to pieces and get a ton of compliments on him. I am very happy to have bought a pup from you! He is a large teddy bear. As big as he is, he still tries to sleep in bed with us :),  I would give you a referal on your GSD's any time."
Rusty as a 4 week old pup.
Rusty now as a stunning blk/red adult.
Meet Daphne, a 1 year old Salhaus female pup. She was sent all the way to a family in the Phillipines. Listen to what Edison, one of Daphne's new family members says about her: "She's very loving. My children get along with her well & she's growing steadily. She is now roughly more than a year old now. She has grown so huge.Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to have one of your great German Shepherds."
12 weeks old
Just under a year old
14 weeks old
This is Brutus, shown here at just 9 months of age. What a handsome boy! So typical of a Salhaus pup. See what his owner, Josh of California says of his pup: 

"I think I promised you some pics. Here are some from last month. He is about 80lbs now and tall enough to put his paws on my shoulders when he stands on his back feet. It's amazing how much he has changed. Seems like he gets a little lighter in color everyday. He's still a blast."

Here are some additional comments from another satisfied Salhaus puppy owner, Jessica of Modesto, CA. She got a solid black female from us, show in the adjacent picture at just 5 months of age:

It's been a while since I last wrote. I hope all is well with you and your family. We are doing really well and Ruka has been a real joy. Everyone fell in love with her from the first moment they saw her. My parents and Adrian's parents all consider her their grand puppy and love to spoil her rotten. She is now fixed and has all her shots. She loves to go for walks and meeting new dogs and people along the way. She has not fully taken to riding in cars but is learning that rides usually mean she is going some where fun. She is such a smart dog with a great personality and even though we acknowledge this she still surprises us all the time. She is huge she stands about knee height and is starting to fill out. Her adult coat is coming in and it looks like she might be a combination of both her parents her coat is not as long as V's but looks like might end up being longer than Monty's and it is very soft. She is gorgeous!

Obedience Graduation Day 
Close to a year old
From Jim & Carol of Nevada:
Jim and I cannot express how wonderful Keno is doing in our home.  He is such a love and eager to please. He loves to play fetch with the ball & of course tries to get Tera to play with him.  He now weighs 25 lbs which means he has gained 10 lbs in the 3 weeks we have had him.  As you can see in the pictures he is as big as Tera.  He is just perfect on the leash when we take him for walks. He stops at the curb sits down and looks at me waiting to go. He is so eager to learn. Keno is excellent with his surroundings & was very easy to housebreak.  He certainly is a big talker, we love that about him. I just thought you would like to hear how happy we are with him & how quickly he adjusted & attached himself 

 to us all in one day.  Everyone loves him & he loves everyone that comes in the house.  So here are a few pictures so you can see how well he truly is doing here & how much more beautiful he gets as the days go by. We have had a lot of people stop & tell us what a beautiful dog he is. One lady stopped & said she has never seen such a beautiful German Shepherd. They cannot believe for as young as he is how well he does on a leash & how calm he is on his walks. All this from a baby that isn't even 3 months old yet. Thank you again for a wonderful, beautiful well adjusted boy. You are a great lady and a wonderful breeder. Jim and Carol 

Keno at 10 weeks & below with Tera
Comments from Dana of Central California:

Brody Ranger is just about 3 months old now so I thought I would send a few pictures!  :)  He weighs 30 pounds now! He is so wonderful!  We just love him so much!  He is really CALM and brilliant!  Everyone who see's him can't believe *What a calm puppy*!  What I  can't believe is~ at his young age all the things he knows already!  Completely house trained!  He'll take himself out when he needs too!  He is front yard trained too!  He will NOT leave our yard!  :)  He learned his name & how to come, sit, lay down, settle & to kennel so easily!  He walks really great on a leash so I walk him 2 or 3 times a day up and down the street.  He is protective of our yard- he barks at anyone he doesn't know who dares to step on the grass! I have to introduce him personally to people if he doesn't recognize them. I had Brody's Vet 2nd shots appointment yesterday and the Vet said ~  Wow-  He is a really great pup!  He is very advanced in his training for his age.  He is super self confident.  She also really liked his structure.  She said that his body is in proportion & looks so much better than the other GSD she is currently taking care of.  We think he looks like a miniature GSD instead of a gangly pup!  :)   People keep asking me how old is he?  5 months?  7 months?  I laugh and say NO, he isn't even 13 weeks yet!  LOL :)   We are really happy with him.  Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family! ~Dana
 Brody Ranger 3 mos/30 lbs
Here are comments from Judy, 
Liberty's owner in Texas: 

 I just wanted to send you the picture of graduation, we are now on our way to getting the TDI, but we have to be 1 year old, so it will be a few more months. I would like to say that she is one of the smartest, and sweetest pups I have seen in a long time, even better then some of my own, but of course, she is my own now, so I can brag about that. She is so good with the kids, horses, cats, and especially the new pups when we have litters. I have been very pleased. Thanks Shelley, you have given us a great addition to our small hobby kennel, and she is in very good hands here.
 Liberty at 6 weeks old
 Brody Ranger 4 mos w/ the family kitten.
 I just wanted to give you an update on our wonderful baby, Ruby! She has been such an amazing pup and has grown so much since I last wrote in January. She has the sweetest disposition and is friendly to everyone. We have 3 cats and she plays with them all - her best friend is our male siamese - 8 lbs. Quite funny to see them play! (OK, we let her sleep on the bed too - how can we resist - she is so lovable?? You can see in the pix she loves the cats too!) 
She has passed her basic training and starts advanced class next week. All the trainers say she is a "dream" to train - she needs very little corrections and is super smart. We hope to have her Canine Good Citizen shortly! We could not have asked for a better dog and feel so lucky to be blessed with her. Her personality is warm and friendly to all and very obedient and easy to train. Thanks for breeding such amazing family dogs! Jennifer ~  Calif

Keno at 4 months ~ heavily built & gorgeous!
Here are comments from Lynn in California about her oversized girl out of Varuka: Dear Shelley,
Ari is great and going to puppy school and doing ok. She is way too interested in all the other dogs and thinks its about playtime. She does sit and give me a treat really good!!! She is so huge and the compliments we receive all the time on how pretty she is. At 6 months she weighs 65 pounds what a girl!!! I want her be in the photo gallery to show what a great breeder you are.  We are truly pleased with Ari and how well she has blended into our family. Thanks again, Lynn 
I don't even know where to start to tell you about this wonderful amazing boy.  He is now totally socialized with other dogs and many types of adults and children.  I have really dedicated a lot of time with him.  Sometimes we are in training classes several times a week repeating the same classes.  I work with him everyday.  He is a joy to see how fast he learns. I have been taking him to nursing homes and senior assisted living homes every other Saturday.  He is so gentle with the older people and they just love seeing him he is so beautiful. Well.... I have to tell you that there is this one man we go see that hasn't talked in a very long time.  The first time I took Keno he said as we were leaving "beautiful dog".  The next few times he just would pet Keno but didn't say anything.  Then one Saturday his wife was visiting and saw how much her husband lit up when Keno walked in the room.  She asked me if I could come more often so I went again this last Saturday.  The man lit up and couldn't wait to put his hands on the dog.  He started talking to me asking questions about Keno.  I take treats with me for Keno and he was giving some to Keno.  Then he put the treat in his mouth and Keno took it from him very gently.  I was in shock since I haven't taught Keno to do that.  The man laughed and talked more than anyone including the people that work there have ever heard as long as he has been there.  Of course Keno can't be certified until he is a year old but he is well on his way. I also want to get him his "Good Citizenship". He is a very healthy boy with looks that stop people to walk over to ask me where he came from.  You should have more people checking your web site from our area than before we got him.  I will attach a picture so you can see how beautiful he is getting.  I will send a picture of him on our front porch that we took last week.  If you look at the front door you will see little Tera sitting there watching.  She just loves Keno but still bosses him around.  He adores her and is always wanting her to chase him.  She is healthier because of him.  Keeps her going. Thank you for getting through this very long letter but I just had to let you know how great he is.  I am sure you hear this all the time about your babies. Have a great day and thank you so much for my Keno.
An Update on 7 month old Keno:
Here are comments from Marsha in Washington state:
Raven is the most beautiful German Shepard I have ever seen. She is so smart. 
My neighbor who bought two GS's from another breeder, one male and one female comments all the time on her dispostion and looks.  I am sure if he choosed to get another GS, he would most definitly choose your kennel. My neighbor wishes he had gone to you for a pup after spending some time with her. I had to make a trip to canada overnight, so he watched her for me.  She had quite a time playing with his two shepards.  One is her age.  He is very impressed with her. She loves everyone and just expects the best of everyone. She now 1 year old & is about 27 at the shoulder, and 87 lbs. She has a beautiful head. I have the 5 acres, so Raven has about 80 animals she has learned to leave alone.  It wasnt easy with all those moving objects to play with, let alone 8 cats.  I must say, everyone who meets Raven is amazed by how social she is with people & other dogs. She has never even shown her teeth to another dog. To her, cars are all welcome because she knows people exit who will pet her, but in the evening when its dark, with any little noise from outside, she is ready to patrol. She guards 5 acres & she doesn't hesitate to bark or growl when she hears something. For a female at only 9 months, people including myself are amazed at how deep a bark she has. She is incredibly smart. When she first barked from inside the house, I gave her a treat. She very quickly learned to pretend she was guarding, just to get that treat! She would walk over to the glass door, pretend to see something, bark & then she would go over to the pantry & sit down, expecting her treat! I will always be grateful to you for being so right about her.  I tell everyone who is thinking of a shepard about you and your dogs. Thank you for my best friend, Marsha

An Update on 7 month old Brody Ranger from Dana in California:
WOW!  He is SO HUGE I thought I would give you an update!  7 months~ 89 pounds!  Holy Moly~  and GORGEOUS!  People don't realize he is still a puppy when they see him. He has a lot of silver in him and the softest coat.  He is still just as wonderful with the cat too! He has the best personality.  VERY deep *scary* bark too!  We tell him to *woof*... *woof*  and he'll start barking like crazy.  He still talks & talks and talks..... and talks!  LOL  :)  Anyway~  Just some new pictures so you can see how beautiful he is and BIG!  :)  

 Take a look at one of the sables that we've produced out of Monty. Stunning! Here are comments from his owner Janie of Elverta, Ca:

Spiky has brought such joy & laughter into this house, with his good natured peronality & temperament. He has fit in quite comfortably with our other dogs. He loves kids & people & loves to be loved. He has taken after his sire Monty, in size & stature. Shelley has done it again, with bringing into this life, another beautiful German Shepherd to carry on the lines. With Spike's good qualities & training, we will get the chance to share that with other German Shepherd lovers. He's a great family companion & friend for life. So thank you Shelley for a wonderful addition to our family. I will always recommend Salhaus Shepherds to anyone. 
 Spike at 3 months
 Spike at 9 months, so classic of our oversized, straight backed pups
Just a few comments from a very satisfied Danni in California about her full coated Salhaus dog:

 Just a quick note about our Salhaus Shepherd "Timber" born 2/15/04...... Everyone who sees her remarks on her beauty.  Often people think she is a wolf or timberwolf when she is playing in the snow country. She is working on her obedience and is becoming a well behaved dog.  Her loyalty is incomparable to even your best human friend; we let her sleep on our bed!  It is hard not to spoil her with toys and endless games of "fetch". We love her... Please see attached pictures of Timber at about 3 months and 10 months old.   

An additional plug from Timber's "grandparents":
Our daughter Danielle from Truckee purchased Timber.  And we (her parents) watch Timber often due to our daughter's travel.  We just love having her; she is our first "grandchild."
Jim & Marti ~ Marin County, CA
Timber at 3 months
Timber at 10 months
  Comments from Steve 
in Colorado about his 9 week old Chaos baby:
Jeannie and I took Max to the vet yesterday and I wanted to update you. He checked out great and everybody loved him. How could they not? He's quite the charmer as you know. His heart is strong, his lungs are clear, his eyes and ears look good and his attitude was great. Even when he got his shot. He barely seemed to notice. She is very impressed with Max's temperment and general attitude. Max has adapted quite well to being here with us. He is so intelligent and such a joy to have around. He picks up things very quickly and knows where to stand to go out, where his food and water is (of course), knows where his treats are, has adapted to his crate, waits for his treat when his goes potty upon request and goes to the back door to come in the
house when he's done outside. He actually sits under my desk while I work just like Striker did on one of Striker's old pads that I hadn't thrown away. Max loves Jeannie like crazy (thanks to you I'm sure). It's wonderful to see how happy he makes her. She's just crazy about him too. Needless to say, I can't get enough of him. Neither can our youngest son who has been home from college twice to visit with Max in the short time we've had him. We usually only see him on the weekends during hockey season when we go to his games if they are in town.  This little guy has been a blessing to us and helped fill a huge void in our lives. Talk to you soon, Steve
More testimony from satisfied owners of Salhaus 
puppies. This is from Margie & Phil of Bakersfield, CA:

We are just so thrilled with our babies!!  We thought it would be impossible to find another German Shepherd like our Pooh, but your wonderful babies proved us wrong.  Its so important to find a dog (after all, they are family members) that is bred and cared for and socialized with quality and love of the breed in mind, rather than quantity (like a puppy mill). We are so happy that we selected two, also. Their favorite toy is still each other, and they are so comfortable together. Here is a recent pic of our babies, Ivan & Valkyrie.  Remember those little pups both curled up on my pillow? Well, impossible now. I think they have doubled their size and body weight.  They are already housetrained, and ask to go outside to do their business.  They are so smart, and so very cute, and so beautiful, that I just want to thank you again for the special attention you pay to these special  ;-) We love these babies so much, and have received awed admiration for their looks and termperments.  They have had their next series of shots and wormings, and my brother (the Veterinarian who helped me buy them) couldn't be more impressed.  He's a proud uncle!! :) ~ Margie & Phil, Proud Parents
8 week old picture
12 week old picture
Here's what Tracy from 
Santa Maria, CA says about her Salhaus dog, Synergy: 

Last year when we picked our puppy up from you I know I said we would e-mail pictures, but as you can see we have been a little busy. Just 2 weeks after picking Synergy up from you I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant.  And in July, Serafina joined the family. Synergy is the best big sister in the world!!  We absolutely love her, she has the best personality and is so protective of us and the baby!! She is definitely a people dog, so it was blessing I was pregnant because I got to stay home!! She has a bestfriend Abby (a Golden Retriever) and they play together all the time.  I just thought you might get a kick out of these pictures!!  She has grown so much. 
Thank You so much
Tracy, Matt, Serafina and Synergy
Synergy at 1 yr, 3 mos with "her" baby
Here's what Doug & Shelly of Virginia say about their newly titled (way to go Guys!) Salhaus dog, Hans (out of Varuka & Monty): 

"Happy Holidays! Hans is doing great! He's such a sweet & smart dog!! He's recently received the titles of "Canine Good Citizen" (CGC) & "Therapy Dog.""

Thank you Doug & Shelly for the update. We know a dog must have a very special temperament for Therapy work & how much time & dedication it takes to certify a dog for the line of work he'll be doing. "Kudos" to you & Hans!~Salhaus
Hans at about 12 weeks
Hans at 1 year of age, Handsome!!
An update on 5 month old Max: (Notice his regal stature & all that height at such a young age!) Hi Shelly, I noticed a lot of folks send in pictures of their puppies at 5 months of age. We and many people at the dog park think Max is just a beautiful boy. Not a day goes by at the park, and I take him almost every day, that someone doesn't comment on his looks. Best wishes, Steve 
In the car, belted up for his daily trip to the park! One of his favorite things to do according to "Dog Dad" Steve!
Running at the park, stretching those long legs!
Just chillin' with Dad. Notice how big this 5 month old pup is next to his 6' 3"owner!
At 1 year of age: Brody Ranger from Dana in California
Here is an update and photo's of Brody Ranger!  He turned 1 on Feb 5th.  He's a BIG BOY! Everyone always says what a beautiful dog he is. So Smart and really loves to learn.  He's about 105 pounds now and so wonderful! He is actually more of a house dog that is always with me. He goes everywhere with me too. I can take him to the salon and have him lay next to me while I get my nails done, the hardware store, picking up the kids, etc. He loves riding in the car! Still awesome with the cat 
too. There is one *bed* in my room and it belongs to whomever gets there first!  If she's there he lays next to her. If he'sthere, she snuggles up to him!   ~Dana
Here is an update from Lynn about Ari now at 1 year of age: 

Here are Ari's 1 year pictures for your update on the gallery.  She is awesome. She has become an amazing dog and very sweet. She is almost out of her puppy stage and is a real joy to work with. She passed classes with flying colors and the teacher was amazed at her off leash behavior and her recall. I of course took all the credit, but it really belongs to Ari and her breeding. She has filled out as you can see and weighs 95 pounds. Where ever we go people have to come visit with her. Her favorite place is the local Starbucks at which she makes an appearance every Saturday morning so she can be petted and given treats. Of course I'm just there for coffee. We still call her the baby, but at her height and weight she is as large as our male, Max. She is a great running partner and enjoys her daily runs. She is always eager to go. She has learned the running technique and never strays in front of me and she never stops to sniff while on a run. What a pleasure she is. Talk to You Soon, Lynn
 1 year,
90 lbs
29" at 
An update on Ivan & Valkyrie (pups above) from Margie & Phil of California:

Hi Shelley, I just wanted to drop you a line and a couple pics of our babies.  Ivan and Valkyrie are the most wonderful companions in the world.  Ivan is HUGE (over 60 lbs at 6 months), we call him Beastie Boy sometimes, & he is a Momma's boy even though he loves his daddy too. The funny thing is, sometimes we tell him he has a "JuJu Face", because he looks so much like his mom in "head on" shots.  Whenever he hears "JuJu Face" he cocks his head like he remembers his momma's name.


"ooo" and "aah" over her.  She has the most beautiful coloring, I'm not surprised that she was the pup identified on your website with all that color right from birth.  She also has a very "happy tail". :)
Our "kids" have been spade and neutered, are up to date on all shots, very healthy, very friendly, and (even according to my brother, the vet) two of the most beautiful shepherds we've ever seen.  They sit, come, wait until we say "ok" to take treats (even when we bump their noses with the treats), "high five", lay down, and most general commands.  We still have to get them into obedience classes, they still have "puppy exuberance" which can be overpowering when the puppies are this big, but they love people and are so friendly. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the "kids" are doing great, and we are so in love with them.  Thank you, again. Margie 
  Valkyrie "smiling" for her 6 month old picture
 Ivan & Valkyrie at 6 months. My, they've grown!
    An update now on 2 year old Gage, the pup pictured above:

Hi Shelley, Gage is great. We couldn't be happier with him. He is around 100lbs and he is a little over 28 inches at the shoulder. He is very energetic. I have never met a sweeter dog. He lives for me and Joanna and wants constant attention.  He doesn't even need a leash because he never wants to leave our side. I took him to the beach recently and he would run 50 feet ahead and turn around and sprint back to us and then repeat. He listens really well and always comes when I call.  He's also very protective but great with strangers when "introduced". He is an incredible athlete and even jumped a fence at the beach that was over 5 feet tall. I said "up up" wanting him to put his front paws on the top of the fence and he decided to jump it.  He loves to fetch and swims like a lab. I'll                          send pics soon, Thomas 
Gage at 2, laying in front of that same fireplace. He barely fits!
      Comments from Karen of Utah about her beautiful Varuka grand-daughter, Nakai:
 Shelley, updated info on Nakai and more pics.  She's 26" tall and 95#.  She's got a pretty stocky build which we really like--her         head is more feminine looking though I think.  These pictures should give you a good idea of her looks/growth/spoiled life!  She's      awesome with all of my grandchildren--it's funny--the grandkids love all our shepherds but always say that Nakai is their favorite.      She's ever so gentle with them and gives lots of kisses--they all talk about "Nakai kisses"! She is an amazingly wonderful & beautiful   & gentle girl.  We will get Kensho recertified for Therapy in October & hope to certify Nakai then too. Blessings, Karen 
  Nakai with her buddies Kensho & Tazo. She sure does look like her grandmother, Varuka in this shot!
Posing for the camera. Beautiful Girl! Nakai, along with one of her white friends, Kensho will be cerfited for therapy work this fall!
Hi Shelley, We apologize for not writing sooner, but our Baby "REINA" has been so wonderful from the very start, that it would take pages just to begin describing the joy that she has brought to us. She has such a great personality, extremely smart, very large (for a girl..or boy), house broken very quick, and has never chewed any furniture. The 1st day here she dove right into the toy basket and has been quite satisfied ever since. She loves our 100 lb Flatcoat Retriever "Shadow". She loves people too. She has socialized very well. She LOVES the horses, the baby horse in particular. They lick each other and run the fence line together. I could make a web page on all of her great traits. We just wanted to thank you for putting so much love into the puppies that you raise. The breeding is so good. The only real problem is that everybody wants to steal her! Our vet went goo-goo over her. He said she has such a fabulous disposition, very sound and healthy. When she got her 1st shots, she was actually wagging her tail while getting the shots. Our vet indicated his willingness to take her home with him for "further evaluation." Thanks so much for this wonderful puppy. Here are a few pictures to show her rapid growth.

 Reina at 10 weeks
5 months/55 lbs at a 
stand (below) & on a down (right)
 And she REALLY loves the water!
   From Kurt & Sandra of Florida, regarding their Varuka/Chaos pup:
Here's an update from Brenda in California about her Varuka daughter. 
    Brenda is so happy with her Salhaus dog, that she's in line for a 2nd Salhaus pup out of Juju & Monty:

She’s got the softest fur I have ever felt on a german shepherd. She’s such a character – always with a ball in her mouth, even if it’s just in the house and I can only roll it 4 feet. She’s finally learned “down.” I can’t get over how big she’s getting – she’s almost as tall as Bruiser and is just as long as him. I haven’t had her in to the vet to weigh her in a while, but she has to be over 95 lbs. now because that’s what she was when I weighed her in Dec.  Her ears are bigger than Bruisers and her muzzle is longer than his too. It’s going to be interesting to see how she turns out when she fills out. Bruiser still adores her and she also adores him. He’s gotten a lot more energetic and actually catches her sometimes and gets her ball. I think he may have a few more years left in him after all, and it’s all thanks to Azucena. She sleeps every night with her stuffed gorilla and her stuffed hedgehog, and sometimes if she thinks Bruiser needs company, she’ll put one of them in his bed with him.  I bring them both over here to school on the week-end and they love it  because they can run all around and it’s totally fenced in and secure and clean. Lots of different smells and things to see.  I’m going to be taking Azucena to K-9 school in April so she can learn how to come without me tricking her, but she has calmed down a lot. I want her to learn how to do the obstacle course so I can set one up for her and she can get some exercise that way. She is so smart that I think she’ll pick it up pretty quickly.  Hope to hear from you soon!  
 Azucena (Suzi) 1 year old & 95 lbs!
Suzi is a full sister to Ari shown above on  this gallery page & also full sister to Salhaus' Fiona on our "Dams" page.
   Suzi & her 13 y/o pal Bruiser. Suzi has         infused new life into her old friend which 
       has brought great joy to her owner.
 Hi Shelley, Dutchess was a fabulous family dog.  She loved all children and most people, but she was quite protective when a stranger would come to the ranch.  She was a great "cow" dog.  My husband often had to feed our herd of cows by himself in the winter when we were all at school.  Duchess would ride on the loaded hay truck.  Phil, my husband, would drive to the field where the cows were and of course they would recognize the feed wagon.  He would send Duchess to keep the cows away from the gate so he could drive through.  She never once let a cow get passed her or out the gate !  
Sometimes the cows would lean on the fences down in the field close to our house.  Phil would tell Duchess to get those cows off the fence.  She would race down to the field, clear them off the fence and then come back.  All our friends and neighbors were quite impressed.  They had never seen a German Shepherd "cow dog" !
When we left the ranch and moved to the city, she loved to go on walks in our neighborhood.  She liked other dogs and people.  We used to let her sit in the front yard because she liked to watch everybody, but we had to tie her to the tree because she wanted to go with all the kids.  
We can't tell you how happy we are that our daughter Suzanna is getting a puppy that is related to Duchess.  I know this new puppy will be welcomed by Suze and our entire family.  We have so many happy memories of Duchess.  I only shared a few. Thank you for the fine dogs that you raise!  Bless you and your family.  Kathy 

Take a look at what Kathy of Northern California has written to us about one of the original Salhaus pups that we produced about 13 years ago. Her daughter Suzanna was just a kid, raised with this wonderful family pet. Now that her daughter is grown & on her own, she too wants a Salhaus dog like the one she had fond memories of as a child. And believe it or not, we are able to provide her with a pup out of our current litter, who is descended from our first pair. We have kept dogs in our breeding program descended from our original dogs just for this reason. . .that they consistantly over the years, continue to produce quality family pets like Duchess below:
       Duchess lived to be 13 
years old & topped out at 95 lbs!
I have sooooo much to say about our babies! Here is a pared down sentence or two: Emmy is such an attentive, sweet and playful companion. She's very intelligent and witty, truly a good protector and friend. 

This is what Carol of Oregon has to say about her Salhaus pup out of Monty & Juju from last year. She purchased a dog related to ours named Isaac from Black Magic Kennels prior to getting Emmy from us. Emmy & Isaac are cousins! And they are her babies! :
Emmy at 1 yr, 4 months of age.
What a gorgeous head!
Isaac from Black Magic, Emmy from Salhaus
I have sooooo much to say about our babies! Here is a pared down sentence or two: Emmy is such an attentive, sweet and playful companion. She's very intelligent and witty, truly a good protector and friend. 

Hi, Just wanted to send some recent pics of Timber (Varuka and Chaos pup)  He is now 7 mos old and 90 lbs!  He is pictured here with our lab who is 100 lbs.  When you compare the paw size of the two we know Timber has not finished growing yet!
For all his size, I have to tell you he is the sweetest pup.  He follows me everywhere and is so eager to please.  He has finished one obedience class and we are moving on toward getting his CGC.  Definitely one of the smartest dogs we have ever had!  

I've included two pics of Timber in his favorite spot next to the fireplace.  In the first one he was 9 weeks old.  The second one was taken recently.  You can see he barely fits in the same spot (but he thinks it's his).  What a difference in size! 

Timber has been to the Deaf school where I work many times and is wonderful with the children.  We couldn't be happier with Timber.  Thank you so much.  We are referring everyone who asks about him to your website. Deborah 
Read the comments sent by Deborah of Southern California about her incredible coated Salhaus Pup:
Timber, A coated Salhaus Pup
Timber, a little older barely fits!
Timber at 7 mo's & 90 #s w his full grown lab buddy.
Hi Shelley,  I hope you're doing well and are enjoying the summer! I just wanted to tell you that Gunnar is the best dog in the whole world.  She's super smart, sweet and beautiful.  She goes everywhere with me.  She loves everyone and every dog she meets.  She learns really fast and she loves to play fetch.  Thanks.  I'll keep sending pics and updates if you'd like. Mindy  
Gunnar, a silver bi-black at 6 weeks.
Gunnar at 3 months. Gorgeous!
        From Mindy of Calif 
about her Salhaus pup out of Brock & Pearl:
Hi Shelley, I wanted to drop you a line and send you some pictures of Zeus.  Zeus has really grown into a wonderful dog.  He is so loving and loyal.  He has endless energy and loves to catch his Frisbee as many times as I can throw it.  You were right on with his temperament; he loves attention and is happiest with the family.  He would rather be with us than eat!  He is ideal for us when it comes to strangers; cautiously protective but turns super friendly once we give him the “ok”.  Zeus LOVES his new sister and it is so nice to see him play with her.  He is so careful with her despite being such a big energetic boy.  I am so pleased he is in our life and he gives us so much joy!  I look forward to many years with him and his new sister Nali. Thanks again, Sean 
From Sean of Minnesota regarding Zeus, his 17 month old Salhaus male out of Monty & Juju. He was so pleased with Zeus, that he took a 2nd Salhaus pup, a full sister of Zeus from this year's Monty/Juju litter: 
Nali~ 13 weeks with full brother from last year's litter, 17 month old Zeus.
Shelley~ I just wanted to send you a picture of my shepherd Deuce. He is a son of Flesh Ars Djenestra and SALHAUS VON LENGA'S DE KONA, who is a daughter of two of your dogs: SIR DRACO VON CANAAN & SALHAUS PERSIA OF BLACKMAGIC. He definitely gets his size from his moms (Salhaus) side of the family! He is 9 months old and around 100 lbs! He is only 7 months old in the picture. He is an absolutely beautiful dog and joy to have around. He is the child we dont have! I've looked at your website. Beautiful. That is also where I got your email address. I look at it periodically when I can. I've tried to look at and research all of Deuce's relatives. His father's side is from Germany/ Ukraine. His dad is fairly large (110) but really leggy and lean. But the rest of his dads side are standard size shepherds. But his size mostly comes from his moms side. I would be honored to have his picture up there alongside his relatives. His mom Kona (from Salhaus) is an absolute sweetheart. Her temperment is wonderful and I can see 

it in Deuce. He does get mouthy at times but I attribute that to being a growing puppy. My vet adores him and everyone just thinks he is beautiful. I can see he looks a lot like Sir Draco Von Canaan in his features as well. Joe and I love the oversize shepherds. The standards are beautiful but the hip angulation kills me! I feel like they should walk funny the way they are proportioned. We much prefer the straighter back that Deuce has. ~  Cameo & Joe 
From Cameo of Oakdale, California regarding her Salhaus Grand Pup: 
 Hi Shelley~ Socrates is now about 3 times his size!  He         loves playing with his toys!  We make him put all his toys in   his box at the end of the day, five minutes later they are all   over the floor again!! (smile) He is a very good dog!  He is     house trained already!  We always get great comments on    him where ever we go.  People love his colors! He is very      good around children and has socialized very, very well! 
 He will not leave my side. He follows me everywhere I go.     Although at first, I was very skeptical of obtaining                 Socrates (he was my husband's venture), I am thoroughly     enjoying him and I do not want to lose him for anything!!      Sincerely, Reba 
          From Reba of 
California regarding her Salhaus Pup (Monty son): 

       From clients Moses & Kathy of California. who got their Salhaus Shepherd before we had a website. 
             This is what they've had to say regarding the past 7 years of joy with their Salhaus Shepherd: 

 Dear Shelley~ This is Binx, the son of Dragon and Kitty~ born April 22, 1999. We would like you to know that he is an          awesome member of our family. Binx is not the only member of our extended family though. We also have birds, 2            more dogs, a cat, fish, bunny & tortoise. All of the animals get along very well. Although Binx is very good with adults &      children, he can make solicitors back-up 5 feet from the screen door when they see him and hear him bark. Little do they   know that if they were welcomed in, he wouldn't eat them eventhough he weighs over 100 pounds! Not only does Binx       have a good personality, he is smart, has keen senses & has not had any health problems. We also want you to know it     was a pleasure meeting you. You are a friendly, knowledgeable, helpful person. We are glad we recently found your          website, so you can see how Binx has grown!  Sincerely, Moses & Kathy~ Sacramento, CA 09.14.06
       After just receiving their Salhaus pup off the plane, hear what Rich & Gretchen of Michigan have to say:

 Hi Shelley! Just a quick note to tell you how the puppy is doing. First, I should tell you we changed her name. We unanimously concluded that she looked like a Nitchie (pronunced Knee-chee; that is the Chippewa Indian term for "friend") We took her to the vet on Friday and everything looks great. She weighed in at 20lbs12oz. Not bad considering we had a tough time finding a food that she liked that didn't give her diarrhea. For now, we're sticking with Hill's Science Diet puppy formulated for large dogs. Monty and Fiona would be very proud of their sweet little Nitchie. She is exceptionally smart. She already knows how to not bite, sit, stay, come, lay down and go to bed. She responds to both the verbal commands and hand signals. We are quite impressed. She has bonded very well with the entire family. She will fall asleep laying on her back just waiting for one of us to come and rub her belly. How cute is that!!!! She's even able to get our two senior citizen dogs, Tessa and Koda, to play with her. Well, I could go on and on sounding like a proud new mommy but I'm sure you hear a lot of that. So on that note, I will let you go but we will stay in touch to let you know how she's doing. Take Care, Gretchen

       3 weeks after receiving their pup, here's a "Nitchie" update:
Hi Shelley,  I've included a 10 week picture of our sweet little Nitchie.  Nitchie continues to astound us with her obedience and gentle temperament. We (Rick and I) spend about 30 minutes each day working with her on the sit, stay, come, and lay down commands. Literally, she stays focused the entire time. If I snap my fingers, she comes right to my left side and sits down. NO JOKING. I think that is amazing. If I had to guess, I'd say someone (like........maybe your daughter) spent a considerable amount of time nurturing her before we ever received her. We are much obliged. Take care and we'll keep you posted. Gretchen
      Here's Nitchie's full brother out of Monty & Fiona. See what his owner            Kathy of Oregon has to say about their outstanding pup:

Hi Shelley Gunter is still doing great.  He knows sit, lay down, stay, come, No - just the basics so far.  He is very vocal at times when playing, but not in a mean way.  We know better than to play rough or tug-of-war.  He is very good about letting me take things out of his mouth, and hardly tries to eat as much stuff outside anymore and relys more on his nose (I always watch him closely outside). Here are pictures from the last few weeks as promised.  How often do you like to get updates?  You must get tons of email so I don't want to send you more than you'd be interested in. Best regards, Kathy 
   Gunter ~ 8 weeks
       Nitchie @ 10 weeks
Here is Moses, a full brother to Gunter & Nitchie above. See what his new owner Elizabeth of California says of their outstanding Salhaus pup out of Monty & Fiona:

 Hi Shelley, We have our first "big" storm coming in, there is a    fire in the wood burning stove and the dogs are sacked out.       Moses has been the most amazing puppy to raise. He is very     trainable and intelligent, he learns very quickly. He already has   great manners and many admirers. When Tim walks him          around the block he gets many compliments, people are very     taken with his good looks and presence. He is already very        noble in appearance. We will send more photos soon. Thank     you again for this exceptional puppy. ~ Elizabeth
    Moses at 3 months. 
   Notice that classic Salhaus straight-back stance!
    Moses with "his boy," Tim.
                        UPDATE!!! ~
   Ivan 90 lbs & Valkyrie 79 lbs at 1.5 years           per their "mom" Margie as of Jan 2007
Valkyrie has earned the nickname Missy Prissy, she has a very delicate appearance despite her size, and has the sweetest personality.  Her coloring is gorgeous, almost a peachy-silver that we can't seem to capture on film.  Everytime I take her to my brother's clinic for a weigh in or check up, people
Gunnar Update! Now 9 months old~Pictures below
Hi Shelley, Gunnar is a great great dog.  She's beautiful and super sweet.  She still has never been aggresive toward another dog or human.  She just loves to play and chase balls.  She's very spoiled living here in Truckee.  She goes hiking in the woods every day and she loves snow and water!  She goes everywhere with me and we are enjoying life together.  She's a little over 9 months old now. Mindy
Gunnar, 9 mo-Look at those long legs!
  crossed to our girls who carry white. But now we have Diesel to keep the whites & silvers going here at Salhaus. Brock is keeping with the Salhaus oversized tradition of weighing 92 lbs a one year of age. He's not done growing/gaining yet, standing 28" at the shoulder. We expect him to reach the 100 lb mark at least by the time he's 2.
This is "Salhaus Silver Symphony", aka "Brock." Brock is a son of Monty & Sheba (shown on our "dams" page.) Brock is a great example of what we produce here at Salhaus. We had him as an up & coming stud dog, but we were able to bring in another blk/silver male unrelated to our girls. (See Diesel on our sires page.) So Brock has been placed in a pet home with a wonder family. He is easy-going & loves his family. While here, he got along great with our other dogs, including his father, Monty. He's quite expressive & loves to "talk" like his father. As soon as he would see us, a series of moans & silly sounds echo forth from him in anticipation of the attention he will receive from us. He's very gentle as his parents are & he wants to please. He's the first blk/silver we've produced here at Salhaus. He's so gorgeous, that we hoped to produce more when
*An Update on now 7 month old Gunter~*
Hi Shelley, Gunter is now 7 mos. and 86 lbs. He's such a great Shepherd being so big, gorgeous, very smart, friendly and confident (but not aggressive).  We walk every morning in the forest, then he goes to lunch with us, and then to the office the rest of the day. Here is his 7 month old picture. He is a special blend of tan and silver (its hard to get the right lighting to do him justice). I hope all is well with you.  If you're ever coming south on I-5 through Grants Pass, we are only a couple minutes off the highway if you'd like to see Gunter. Best Regards, Kathy 
Doug & Shelly were so pleased with their first Salhaus dog that they had to have another. Here are pictures of Hans(Monty/Varuka) with his little sister Greta, who is a Monty/Fiona daughter:
Shelley, Hi. Just wanted to give you a little update on Hans & Greta.  Sorry that it has been so long since we have been in touch. The dogs are doing great & have gotten along really well since day one. They really make a great pair. Greta is super sweet & loves affection.  Hans is still super sweet but prefers playtime to affection most of the time.  Greta is growing to look more like Hans everyday. Some people have trouble telling them apart. Hans is now in an agility class.  It is a little challenging for Hans and me, but we are learning alot, having fun & he is learning to pay attention more while off leash.  Greta is currently in a rally class. She likes to work for treats & enjoys the other Shepherd in her class. Greta has learned most things a little quicker than Hans did (except for housetraining, which took her a while to master).  It helps to have a "big brother" to watch.  We are always getting compliments on how beautiful our dogs are... of course we agree!!   Hope you enjoy the pictures. Take care, Shelly 

      Hans 3 yrs            Greta 1 yr
 We have so many additional photos & comments from our past clients, that we had to add a 2ND photo gallery page!     We love it. Keep those photos & comments coming! Please click on the button below to continue on to the 2nd page:
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An update on Deuce now 2-1/2 years & an accomplished obedience dog!~

Hi Shelley! ~ I sent you a letter and pictures last year of a Salhaus Grand Pup, Deuce. I just wanted to send you updated pics and some news. He is almost 2 1/2 years old now! He just passed his advanced obedience class (BH) and I will be entering him in a trial this summer to get him officially certified in obedience! I took these pictures this past saturday after he finished his class at Big Valley Dog Training in Delhi, CA. He is at a lean 115-120 lbs. He is the greatest dog! Cameo and Deuce 
Comments from Antonia in 
Florida about her Monty/Fiona pup, Yeki :
(He is from the same litter as Deimos above, full brothers)

Hi Shelley, I bought one of your puppies out of Monty & Fiona. I had mentioned to you that my new baby was going to be named Yeki just like my other baby that had passed away. He is BEAUTIFUL, ADORABLE & GORGEOUS. He is very intelligent & alert & very affectionate. I am going to send you pictures of him so that you can see how beautiful he is. I was actually writing to ask if Monty and Fiona are going to have any puppies soon. The main reason I am writing to you is because I was looking into getting a female puppy. I looked at your web page and I saw that you have a litter due soon from Monty & Fiona, which are Yeki's parents. I would greatly appreciate if you can give me some information about the puppies and if  they are all taken or if they are available. The one picture shows him with the house cat, Hemingway, playing as usual. He sticks the cat’s head in his mouth & does not bite him. The cat just looks like if we bathed him when Yeki lets him go. Please let me know about any upcoming pups. ~ Antonia
         Yeki as a youngster.        What a gorgeous boy he is!
     Playing with the family cat        Hemmingway. Best Friends!
    Yeki            now 
    as an         adult.
      So handsome!!










"Brody Ranger" 











"Ivan & Valkyrie" 


"Hans & Greta" 








"Zeus & Nali" 










Comments from Kurt & Jacki from Washington about their 6 year old Lizzy/Diesel daughter
This is a full sister to our current stud dog, Midas:

Hi Shelley! We got one of your pups from Lizzie and Diesel. Her name is Haven and is Midas's sister. Just updating you since today is their 6th. birthday! Haven is my 'Haven'. She is beautiful, smart, healthy, and a very good girl. Life is good because we have her with us and would like to thank you once again for her. Jacki and Kurt from Bellingham, Wa.Comments from Kurt & Jacki about their full sister to Midas, from Lizzy & Diesel.

2nd comment:

Just another quick note...Midas sounds just like Haven! She is happy and toy oriented also, with a special love for balls. Though she is big and and very mellow, she also has the side of her that is still puppy-like and goofy. I can imagine she will be that way even in her old age! I always thought that I would like to get another pup from you, but not until Haven lives out her life...I want her to know she is my one and only. Yes, time goes too fast. Oh! one more thing! Haven LOVES to be hugged! She stands perfectly still and eats it up... she is the perfect therapist! Thanks again, Jacki