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We encourage feeding your GSD a raw diet.
For excellent information on raw feeding & a quick overview click here:

The formula for feeding raw is 2-4% of a dog's body weight, a day. A 100 lb dog would need 2-4 lbs a day. They need 80% muscle, 20% organ & 20 % bone. That's it! You will have the healthiest version of your dog possible, by feeding this way!
This site is full of helpful information about feeding a half raw/half kibble diet:
Click on the "diet" tab & then find the raw resources links. Excellent information!

There are so many studies out there that show the ill effects that can come to our dogs by feeding commercial foods. Here is one more link that shows why we prefer feeding a raw diet over kibble:
We have found a great site that answers questions about the OFA method of hip evaluation versus the newer more extensive & accurate type of evaluation of Penn Hip. We advocate Penn Hip testing. Please click here to read about both!
OFA vs Penn Hip
Raw Feeding Links:

OFA vs Penn Hip:

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