Who We Are. . .
We are dedicated admirers of the German Shepherd, located on the West Coast of the US, in a semi rural setting, perfect for raising this magnificent breed of dog. We have owned and loved German Shepherd Dogs for the last 40+ years. Our first introduction to this breed was through a 3/4 GSD mix we called Timber. She was so awesome in her temperament, size, obedience and loyalty that we knew there would be no other breed for us than the GSD. Although Timber was spayed at an early age and never bred, our family of GSD's has grown.  

Since our first positive experience with this breed, our goal has been to produce the ultimate GSD, with temperament & health at the top of the list. We pride ourselves in having awesome size, temperament and health in all of our dogs. We breed for an oversized dog, with a straight back. Some of our females through the years have weighed up to and over 100 pounds! With an average being 80-90 pounds. Our males have topped that weight, and generally reach at least 100 lbs, but generally go over that. Although we pride ourselves with this large size, we never compromise the integrity of the structure and health of the dog. Their health and temperament are equally impressive. We produce a nice "pet" GSD, as the size of our dogs disqualifies them from the smaller conformation show dogs.

We have been breeding GSD's for 35+ years.  Our dogs are very versatile in their abilities.  The majority of our pups have gone into pet homes where they live out long, wonderful lives being the ultimate family companion.  Even though our GSD's are primarily pets, they have the capability to do just about anything that is asked of them.  For instance, we have had quite a few of our pups go as search & rescue dogs, therapy dogs, & service utility dogs for the handicapped or physically impaired. Coupled with the eagerness to please & the easy going temperament that we strive for, as well as the large size that comes from our lines, they make the perfect dog for whatever the need be.

My daughter, my husband & myself have comprised "Salhaus German Shepherds" for the past 35 + years. But we also have her husband. They have been married for 15 years. So the 2 of them are "combining forces" to continue helping us produce the outstanding dogs we've become known for, all these years. As well as our newest puppy socializer, Paisley! See my beautiful kids below & also a picture of the "senior members" of Salhaus (my husband & myself.)

Our beloved GSD mix,Timber. If it weren't for her, we would have never come to know this wonderful breed!
Irish and Keisha (left & center), our 2 foundation purebred girls pictured along with Timber, on the right.
About Us
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About Our Pups
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With my husband, who has 
supported me all these years in 
my dog breeding efforts.
My daughter, without whom I 
could not have produced these wonderful dogs for all these years. She's been my right hand puppy socializer since our first litter when she was just 9 months old! Now with her hubby, continuing the Salhaus tradition.
Holding a cluster of my precious 4 week old pups!
Helping take the pressure off of one of our girls & her litter of 12 pups!
Bottle feeding & bonding with a 2-1/2 week old pup! We do whatever it takes!
We are located centrally in the Pacific Northwest so we can accomodate puppy interest along the northern pacific coastline states, including Washington, Oregon & California. 
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Paisley loves our dogs & they adore her!
Paisley loves singing to the pups!
She always has an attentive audience with our litters!
She loves the pups!
Her handling is so good for the pups socializing!
The pups get "Paisley love" but so
do the big dogs! The mamas love having Paisley with their pups.